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Telegraph Cove - The Company

elegraph Cove - The Company

elegraph Cove - The Company

elegraph Cove - The Company

Telegraph Cove Venture, Inc was incorporated in 1991 to develop 315 acres at Telegraph Cove for landowner Telegraph Cove Holdings Ltd. The development is headed by Clyde A. "Bud" Wagner, who has 47 years of experience in real estate development in Washington State and Maui, Hawaii. Mr. Wagner's most noteworthy development prior to Telegraph Cove was the luxury, oceanfront Wailea Point condominium in South Maui. Telegraph Cove Venture benefits from three-generations of family member participation in the development at Telegraph Cove.

The Telegraph Cove work began by tackling an arduous regulatory process in tandem with removal of decades-old accumulated sawmill and logging debris. Over 1,000 truckloads from upland and within Telegraph Cove were excavated and properly disposed from the foreshore. Extensive cove dredging was also undertaken.

Today, the environmentally restored cove is the pristine cornerstone of Telegraph Cove Marina and RV Park, which opened in the spring of 2001. December 2002 saw the completion of Dockside 29, and we are very proud to add this handsome 29-unit over-the-water accommodation to our destination waterfront community. Visitors to Dockside 29 can conveniently moor their boat on one side and park their car on the other, while enjoying spacious suites with sweeping views of the cove and Johnstone Strait beyond.

In August, 2005 home site purchase closings began at Phase 1 of magnificent Telegraph Point, a registered strata subdivision. In October, 2006, Phase 2 and Phase 3 home sites were offered for sale at Telegraph Point.

Our thoughtfully planned vision is not complete. Development continues on phased home site waterfront and view lots overlooking the Cove, Johnstone Strait and Ella Bay. On our drawing board are waterfront townhouses, retail establishments, a lodge and golf course. There are exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs and we invite you to contact us regarding your vision.

elegraph Cove - The Company


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